Piano Lessons in Los Angeles, CA
Mon-Sat: 7am-7pm


Subjects: Flute, Music Theory, Piano, Piccolo

Ages: Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate


I love music! I love to teach students of all ages how to play music, I'm very happy when my students have success playing the flute and piano. It's very exciting when a flute student has success playing their first note on the flute and a beginning piano student plays their first song. I will also teach my students about music theory, music history.
My students never make mistakes when playing. I tell them, "Don't compose, play what's written but don't forget what you just played because it sounded good."
I've played the flute since the 6th grade...I've been playing for 50 years! I started playing the piano in college so I've been playing for 43 years.
I've enjoyed teaching flute, piano, music history, and music theory for 43 years. I usually come to the student's home.
I hold a BA in Music from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.